Boris Jordan

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renaissance Insurance Group, Chairman of the Sputnik Group Board

Mr. Jordan was born in 1966 in the USA, in the family of Russian immigrants. He graduated from University of New York as a bachelor in the area of Russian-American Relations. At the age of twenty six he became the youngest Vice President of GPA Capital where he started his career in 1989. In 1992, Boris was appointed as Managing Director of Credit Suisse First Boston in London and later on he moved to Moscow to head this bank. In May 1995, he founded and headed Renaissance Capital bank. In 1998, Mr. Jordan founded the Sputnik Group, International Investment Group. In 1999, Boris launched Cadet Corps Charity Fund. In September 2006, Boris Jordan took a decision to head the Renaissance Insurance Group. The Renaissance Insurance Group is a key investment area of the Sputnik Group in Russia.

Yulia Gadliba

Chief Executive Officer. Chairman of the Board

Yulia has been appointed as CEO of our company on November 22, 2016. She has gone through all career paths in our company. Yulia joined our company in 2008 and managed Sales Marketing Support Center. In 2009, she headed one of the largest projects of Claims Business Processes Automation. At the same time she was Head of Claims in St.-Petersburg. Since 2012, Yulia was in charge of the entire retail area in our company. Since 2013 Ms. Gadliba was in charge of the entire Retail Business including Sales, Claim Handling, Underwriting, Marketing, and Quality Control Center. Yulia is a graduate of Higher School of Economics, Strategic and Corporate Governance Faculty. Her insurance career has started in 2003.

Sergey Artemyev

Executive Vice President

Sergey has been working in our company since 2003. In our company his career started from the development and implementation of retail strategy . Sergey was one of the pioneers of risk management system in our company. He is the person who launched planning, budgeting and analytical support for business processes. Currently, Sergey is in charge of Finance and business administration support functions. He graduated with distinction from the Novosibirsk State University. Prior to his career in Renaissance, he worked in leading consulting companies launching strategic and finance consultancy projects for oil, chemical and aerospacecompanies.

Leila Barakhnina

Vice - President. Risk Management

Leila Barakhnina has a long-term successful work experience in insurance industry. She started her career in 1994 in Federal Insurance Supervision Federal Insurance Supervisory Authority of the Ministry of Finance of Russia and as of 2000 she continued her career in insurance companies managing areas related to Finance, Internal Control and Audit. Leila is a graduate cum laude of Finance Academy of the Government of Russia in the area of Finance and Lending. In 2003, Leila received her Business Finance Management MBA diploma. She is a member of international professional organizations: Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Leila is also a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). In our company Leila is in charge of Risk Management, Internal Audit, Anti-Fraud, Compliance and Financial Monitoring.

Andrey Barinov

Executive Vice President. Retail Insurance

Before joining the Renaissance Insurance Group, Andrey headed Motor Insurance Center in OAO ROSNO (Allianz). Mr. Barinov joined our company in 2008 as Managing Director, Partner Channel Development. Subsequently, he was in charge of motor insurance strategy and partnership with auto dealers and leasing companies. Since 2012, Andrey headed Division Center, the largest and most profitable division of the company. Currently, Andrey is in charge of the entire Retail block of the company including Agent, Partner, Dealer and Bank Sales, mass segment product development and management. Andrey is a graduate of Automobile and Highway Administration University, Vehicles and Fleet Management Faculty. Mr.Barinov started his insurance career in 1996.

Vladimir Tarasov

Vice President. Claims. Legal Department.

Vladimir Tarasov has started his career in our company in 2012. Vladimir is managing Legal Department and Claims. Previously Vladimir worked in Progress Garant, member of Allianz Group, as Chairman of the Board. Vladimir’s overall senior management experience in Progress-Garant is over 10 years. Mr. Tarasov is a graduate of Moscow State Law Academy and has received his Executive MBA in Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Vladimir is an Arbitral Referee in Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Vladimir Tinyakov

Executive Vice President. Corporate Insurance, Regional Network.

Vladimir has started his insurance career in 2003. He joined our company as Head of Corporate Insurance department in St-Petersburg and within a few years he has been appointed as Vice-President of Corporate Sales. In 2010, Vladimir was heading North-West Division of the company making it one of top-3 strongest players in the region. In 2013, Mr. Tinyakov has been appointed as Head of Regional Network of the company. Currently, Vladimir is in charge of the entire Corporate Insurance including Sales, Product Development, Management and Claims.

Alexander Crayderman

Vice President. IT

Prior to the Renaissance Insurance Group Alexander was a staff member of Malakut Assistance for five years. In 2010, Alexander joined our company as Internal Auditor of claim handling processes. In two years he was appointed as head of Business Analysis of Motor Claim handling processes. In 2015, Alexander was appointed as Head of Business Analysis. His key focus was to build up a transparent communication process between business and IT, efficient implementation of changes in compliance and business processes of the company. Mr. Crayderman graduated from Moscow State Polytechnic University, Motor Vehicles and Tractors faculty (former MAMI). His insurance career has started in 2005.

Members of Board of Directors

  • Jordan Boris Alexis, Chairman of Board of Directors
  • Ryabtsov Sergey Lvovich, Board Member
  • Kompish Marina Valeryevna, Board Member
  • Kuranov Mikhail Sergeevich, Board Member
  • Novozhilov Yuriy Victorovich, Board Member
  • Cherkasov Konstantin Aleksandrovich, Board Member
  • Delpal Philippe, Board Member