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The Ratings

Expert RA is a Russian rating agency which tests the financial soundness of insurance companies. For 5 years in a row the agency has awarded Renaissance Insurance the A++ Rating (exceptionally high reliability).

Only large well run companies can be relied upon to manage the inevitable economic shocks that regularly affect the economy and insurance industry and which can force many companies to leave the market and their customers in the lurch.

This is why it is important for us and our clients that Renaissance Insurance holds such a strong rating and which in turn enables a strong rate of growth which supports a top 10 market position. Since 2009, Renaissance Insurance has been included in the top 400 largest Russian companies according to Expert RA.

Today our market share is around 2.3%. We are 11 in the market of voluntary insurance; 7 in motor insurance, 9 in health insurance, in the top five in travel insurance, and in top 15 in property and liability insurance. In life insurance we are 2 in Russia and 1 in Ukraine.

In direct insurance segment of the Internet and call center sales we are 1