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The Awards

Our reputation is paramount to our success. We do our best to ensure that our communication with our clients and partners is a pleasant experience and that any misunderstandings are resolved promptly and constructively. We continuously monitor the quality of our services through active participation in social networks and specialized websites, as well as via our Quality Control Center.

Recognition of the market experts, mass media, and the professional community is very important for us. That is why we highly value our prizes, awards, and diplomas. Such as:

  • “Finance” magazine 2011 Award for “Innovative Insurance Business”
  • Expert RA 2010 Diploma “For Reliable Investments”
  • Expert RA 2010 Diploma “For Development of Online Insurance”
  • Expert RA 2010 Diploma “For High Quality Operational Risk Management in an Insurance Company”
  • In 2010, the magazine “Career” named Natalia Karpova, the Executive Vice-President of our Company in charge of property and liability insurance, the best expert in Russia in the field of corporate insurance.
  • The Association of Managers of Russia in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 included Boris Jordan, the President of Renaissance Insurance Group, in the annual rating “Top 1000 Best Managers of Russia
  • HeadHunter 2007 Award “HR Brand of the Year”
  • National Award “Financial Olympus 2006”
  • “For Dynamic Development of the Insurance Market” 2006 nomination of the magazine “Finance”
  • The publishing house “Kommersant” and NEXTEP 3rd place award in 2007 and 2008 for the “Mystery Shopping” survey among the insurance companies
  • “Bancassurance Leader” 2005 prize of the magazine “Banking Review”
  • In 2002, Travel.RENINS.COM was awarded Diploma for “The Best Innovative Project in Tourism” within the framework of the VI International Prize “Leaders of the Tourism Industry”
  • “Golden Internet Site 2000” award in the category Financial Internet Services, by All-Russian Internet Academy.
  • Diploma - “Marketing Innovations”; Expert RA 6th Annual forum for top-managers on the future of the Russian Insurance Market; 2012
  • Diploma - “On-line insurance development”; Expert RA 5th Annual forum for top-managers, 2011