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Renaissance Insurance is a company of people working for people. After all it is the people we insure that really matter to us. Open, honest, and straightforward human relationships are pivotal for us in our business; this is the reason why we always do our best to meet the interests of our clients and partners. We understand that personal relationships are key to our business and that this is the only way we will win the confidence of our customers; the foundation for our ongoing relationship. We appreciate our clients’ trust in us and to build upon it, we continuously develop new ways to improve their interaction with us – we tailor our products to meet their needs and make our services available and convenient to them at any time and any place while utilizing the most advanced technologies.

Our Internet site reflects this and we invite you to browse through the site and search for the particular type of insurance that suits you most.

The site contains important information about us, our clients, partners, as well as information for journalists. Use the menu tabs to navigate through the pages.

And please contact us if there is something you feel is not covered adequately for you on our site.